How to Get Better Fuel Mileage in St Kilda

Posted on Aug 10th, 2017

If there is one thing every car owner has always worried about is rising fuel prices. Our love for road trips looming on the horizons means we have to worry about how many times we will be filling up. We, at Cash for Cars St Kilda, has some tips for you on how to get a better mileage:

Lose the Scrap in Your Boot

The more weight you carry in your car the more fuel will be needed to get you where you want to. It is advisable to remove roof top carriers when you don’t need them and any heavy items in the boot. This is probably the simplest way to get out a better mileage out of your car and save some money in the long run.

Use the Right Fuel

Before you visit the petrol station to fill up your tank better to refer to your car owner’s manual to know exactly which fuel you should be using. While a general rule would suggest premium fuel to be the best but that isn’t the case today. Unless the car specially needs premium quality its best to know which has is the best for your car not only to get you from A to B but also saving money.

Watch Your Speed in Melbourne

Apart from following traffic rules and maintaining your safety driving within speed limits has many benefits. The slower you drive the more efficiently the car uses fuel. It better to reach your destination a little later and travel in the slow lane and save a little money on oil.

Set It to Cruise

When you’re driving on an open stretch you may not even notice the subtle changes in speed when you are controlling the car. By turning on the cruise control function in your car and ensure there is no variations in speed and your car does not have to constantly expend energy to make room for adjustments. And in the process, you shall stay within the speed limits.

Take the Highway

It is a common knowledge that the gallon per miles on the highway is significantly lesser than that in a city. Highway driving is, therefore, better for your car and wallet because there is less stop and go. The benefits of being on a highway are that there are more constant speed, minimal slowing and little or no stopping which puts less load on the car and fuel usage.

Some other tips are not to fill up your car so that the weight increases, use the air conditioning as less as possible as it uses up a lot of fuel. And lastly, check the tyre pressure and alignment to ensure maximum efficiency and mileage. If the above tips are still ineffective then it’s probably a good time to dispose of the car for an upgrade to something more efficient. Car Removals St Kilda is your trusted cash for car removal service, so call us today at 0401 208 235!