About Us

Cash for Cars St Kilda are a fully licensed and professional cash for car removal business that services throughout St Kilda. We pride ourselves on making our customers our first priority. Through our years of serving St Kilda providing reliable cash for car removal services our employees have seen many car salvaging situations throughout St Kilda and have gained the necessary experience and skills to help in the safe removal and salvaging of any unwanted or scrap cars.

Our Company

We spare you the stress of watching your unwanted or scrap car lying immobile on your drive way by removing it free of charge in a fast and convenient manner. No longer will your scrap or unwanted car be taking up space and losing value every passing day, not with Cash for Cars St Kilda ready to help.

At Cash for Car St Kilda we have a team of experts that are not only fitted out with the latest tools, equipment and devices to help them remove those difficult unwanted cars from your yard, driveway or garage but can also travel to any area in St Kilda with complete knowledge, professionalism, and expertise for when it comes to a professional car removal service.

When you want a first rate cash for car car removal service that pays top dollar, just call Cash for Cars St Kilda. During our year of servicing St Kilda our customers have come to appreciate our rapid same-day services. We come to where you are no matter where it is located in St Kilda, we assess your car on the spot, regardless of its age, model or condition, you receive your quote and if you like it then we hand you the cash and take your cars off of your hands.

Why leave your unused, damaged, deregistered, unwanted scrap cars rusting away and taking up valuable space on your property when Cash for Cars St Kilda can remove them, recycle them and pay you for it? Cash for Cars St Kilda will solve all your unwanted car problems and take the hassle off your hands. We will give you the highest quality cash for car removal in St Kilda.

At Cash for Cars St Kilda we respond with a fast, efficient and convenient scrap car removal service and ensure all our customers are satisfied with every job. If you are thinking of getting rid of your unwanted or scrap car just call us today. Our fleet of vehicles are well equipped to deal with all types of scrap car removal, collection, clearance, disposal and salvaging services.

A cash for car removal service like ours ensures we put funds in your hands based on the desirability of your car. Unlike most car removal services we don’t charge our customers to have their cars removed, instead we put cash in your hands. Cash for Cars St Kilda provide a trustworthy service that you can depend on when it comes to your unwanted or scrap car removal needs. We remove your unwanted or scrap car for free, specialising in the disposal of scrap and unwanted cars from any premises in St Kilda with minimal hassle.

Why Choose Us?

Cash for Cars St Kilda pride ourselves on providing a friendly, honest and on time car removal service for the resident of St Kilda. If the car is what you confirm over the phone, the price we quote will be the price that you get in your pocket and we go that extra mile by giving you a free consultation prior to pick up to ensure you get the right price when we pick up the car. Call us now at 0401 208 235!